‘Say Hello to your Country’ is a subproject of the international ‘Say Hello to the World’ project and is intended for the children below the age of 3. Kindergartens connect via video call, where children can say hello to each other, communicate for the first time, etc.

The society has a significant impact on the emergence of intolerance in the environment, to which the children in lower age groups are also exposed to. Therefore, we came up with the idea of a subproject, which combines the values and objectives of the ‘Say Hello to the World’ project and also include activities to help enhance the motivation of young children, by which we begin to erase boundaries of unknown.

Every school and kindergarten that takes part in the ‘Say Hello to the World’ project and successfully implements the programme will obtain the honorable title ‘A Tolerant Kindergarten’ / ‘A Tolerant School’ that will make the children, parents and the whole professional team very proud. Schools and kindergartens thus show that children are taught tolerance and understanding of diversity in all forms. The “little” and the “big” ones acquire knowledge in the ‘Say Hello to the World’ project that will lead them towards understanding and understanding will lead them towards accepting.

Say Hello to your Country